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5 Reasons You Should Choose Epoxy Flooring Nashville

1. Our concrete flooring specialists are professionals who are experts at what they do.

2. We take pride in your floors. We don’t just want you to be happy with your new floors, we want you to be ecstatic.

3. We can handle jobs big and small. From a residential garage to a huge commercial storefront to an industrial warehouse.

4. We install a wide variety of epoxy floors: mortar, graveled, terrazzo, anti-static, and more!

5. Our customer service is top-notch. Give us a call today and speak to one of our friendly, courteous representatives about your flooring needs.

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Why Are Homeowners and Businesses Using Epoxy Flooring?


Epoxy floors are an ideal solution for nearly any residential, commercial, or industrial flooring needs. Garages, finished basements, kitchens, warehouses, restaurants, retail stores, and more can all benefit from epoxy.

Easy Maintenance

Once you’ve cleaned an epoxy floor, you’ll wonder why you ever used any other flooring system. The finished coating can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth or mop, and our durable epoxy flooring systems are built to last for years on end.


Nothing says stylish like the sleek, modern finish of an epoxy floor. Our coatings provide a shine that is just as beautiful as it is functional. Epoxy is the perfect way to spruce up your home or business.


Floors coated in epoxy allow for a wide range of colors and textures. From vibrant red to deep black, from vinyl chips to mixed in sand, the possibilities are endless.



‌ Call 615 - 800 - 7576 Now For A Competitive Estimate!

What to Expect During Epoxy Installation

Step 1: Prepare the Surface

Preparing for your epoxy floors usually first involves sanding or grinding the surface, as well as sweeping and thoroughly cleaning up any remaining dust or other residue that might hinder the application process.

Step 2: Prime and Fill

Once the surface is cleaned, any cracks or gaps are filled and an initial layer of primer is applied to increase the life of your new floor and prevent bubbles.

Step 3: Apply Epoxy

Finally, multiple coats of epoxy paint are applied. There may be up to 24 hours of drying time required between coats.

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